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Healthy Family Program

The Healthy Family Program meets the need for education on childhood and adolescent obesity.

Sponsored by the Maya Angelou Center for Women's Health, the Healthy Family Program offers health education, family involvement and compassionate support to adolescent girls who are affected by obesity. Any adolescent female, ages 10 - 18, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or over are eligible for the program. Parents are welcome to accompany their daughters to the program and participate in collaborative exercises. The Healthy Family Program is offered within the framework of a 12-week curriculum, with new sessions beginning each quarter. Each weekly meeting includes a joint family session and separate age-appropriate groups. The curriculum is designed to help the entire family adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

At registration, which occurs the week prior to the start of the curriculum, each adolescent and parent receives an intake profile, which includes BMI, an ideal body weight range, recommended calorie intake and exercise goals. Topics for the 12-week curriculum include:

  • Week 1: What Motivates You?
  • Week 2: A Healthy Home
  • Week 3: Healthy Lunches and Snacks
  • Week 4: The Truth About Fast Food
  • Week 5: The Importance of Exercise
  • Week 6: Incorporating Exercise Into a Busy Lifestyle
  • Week 7: Healthy Cooking / Healthy Life
  • Week 8: What I Like About Me / Maintaining Motivation
  • Week 9: Conflicting Cultural Messages
  • Week 10: How Weight Can Affect Your Health
  • Week 11: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Week 12: Major Milestones


One adult and one child: $300.00 for a 12-week session
Each additional child: $50.00

When one parent joins, the other parent may attend free of charge.


To register for Healthy Family Adolescent Weight Management Program or for more information, call 336-718-3790.



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